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5 Ways To Prevent Myopia In Children

At present, with school pressure and mobile phones and other factors, adolescent children's myopia rate has been rising. Many parents don't know how to prevent their children's myopia, or to alleviate the increase of myopia.

Causes of myopia

  • Genetic - according to scientific statistics, if both parents are short-sighted, the child's myopia rate is 7 times higher than that of ordinary people, and the child's myopia rate is more than 90% for those with high myopia. If one parent is nearsighted, the child's nearsightedness rate is three times that of the average person. So for couples who want to have babies, to prevent myopia, parents should first take good care of their own eyes.
  • Eye use habits - the environment and eye use habits after the birth of a child will also affect his vision, such as a large number of close-up use of eyes, watching mobile phones, playing games, writing and reading for a long time, leading to eye fatigue and myopia.
  • Outdoor sports time - children's academic pressure, homework, the main time of the day to learn, little time to participate in outdoor sports, and the lack of outdoor sports or sunlight is also an important reason to induce myopia.

After knowing the cause of myopia, let's talk about how to prevent children's myopia.

1. Prevention of myopia is based on hyperopia

Ophthalmologists suggest that reading or watching TV for about 30 minutes generally requires a distance of 5 minutes. If you are looking at mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products, it should not be more than 20 minutes. The combination of near and far is the most important way to avoid myopia.

2. Improve lighting conditions

Eye environment is very important, mainly light conditions. The light must be uniform and standard. In the evening, turn on the light as soon as possible to avoid the children's dim light and reading hard, which is easy to cause eye fatigue.

3. Develop good eye habits

Good eye habits include keeping one foot distance between glasses and books when reading, about 33cm, the distance between chest and a fist on the edge of the table, and the distance between fingers and the tip of the pen when holding a pen, about 3cm. Secondly, sitting posture is also a cause of myopia, so we should correct the sitting posture of children in time, and do not sleep and read, do not shake the car to read, do not walk and look at the mobile phone.

4. Eat well and sleep well

To eat well means to supplement calcium, phosphorus and vitamins appropriately, and then to eat less sweets. To grow up and avoid myopia, adolescent children should eat less sugar. Milk tea, cola and ice cream are all snacks with high sugar content. Sleeping is a way to recharge your eyes. Adolescence children should ensure at least 9-10 hours of sleep time, in order to study, it is a loss to work overtime at night.

5. Actively participate in outdoor sports

Outdoor sports is one of the most effective methods to prevent myopia. Outdoor sunshine is full spectrum, and the degree of illumination is far better than indoor. Regular outdoor sports can not only exercise children's body, but also make their eyes healthier.

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