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6 Ways To Ease Stress

Modern society has a fast development pace, great living pressure and great psychological pressure, but many people can not find a way to relieve the pressure. In fact, first of all, we need to analyze what causes the psychological pressure, so as to find a way to relieve it. There are many ways to relieve psychological pressure. As long as you find the right one for yourself, you won't have to worry about the pressure any more.

What are the common manifestations of psychological stress

  • Headache: Many white-collar workers suffer from migraine. The main cause of migraine is too much pressure and too much tension.
  • Insomnia: too much pressure is likely to cause insomnia, and with the aggravation of pressure insomnia will also increase.
  • Easy to forget: long term stress will change the structure of brain nerve cells and damage memory.
  • Computer Berserker: after the computer breaks down, it will produce serious restless mood, and vent the anger to the computer. There are many white-collar workers.
  • Depression: due to work pressure, life pressure, insomnia, depression and other mental diseases, depression is a kind of mental illness that white-collar men often suffer from.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder: too much pursuit of perfection, long-term mechanical work and high pressure make the incidence rate of OCD in urban residents increasing.
  • Cold: stress can also cause your immune system to drop, and some viruses and germs from outside can easily invade your body, causing respiratory diseases.
  • Neck and shoulder soreness: it is caused by muscle tension, poor blood gas operation and congestion of muscle capillaries due to less exercise and heavy pressure.
  • Eye fatigue: wearing inappropriate glasses or contact lenses, too much pressure, too much difference between computer image and office brightness.
  • Chronic diarrhea: stress is an important cause of diarrhea.
  • Eyelid skipping: this kind of problem is easy to appear if we deal with the detailed work for a long time. People with more eyes should watch the scenery outside the window every 20 minutes, or close their eyes to rest, and the symptoms will subside.
  • Endocrine maladjustment: Intellectual Women's psychological feelings on things are more delicate, mental pressure, resulting in endocrine disorders, and then premature ovarian failure.

How to reduce psychological pressure

1. Meditation practice

Meditation refers to meditation with eyes closed, which is a common action in yoga. When people are meditating, their body and mind are still, and the pressure will be well relieved. The usual way is to adjust to a comfortable sitting position, and then slowly close your eyes, and imagine a scene, such as basking in the sun on the beach. You can imagine a still scene, in which all objects are still, and you can change the perspective of observation to see different objects of the scene. The other is the active scene, in which you can scatter Step, or do something else.

2. Breathing training

The said breathing mode is different from the usual breathing mode. Most people usually use the chest undulation breathing, and the breathing method that can relieve the pressure is to use the abdominal muscle breathing. Keep your chest and ribs still while breathing, and breathe through the muscles in your abdomen. Generally speaking, deep breathing is the simultaneous expansion of the chest and abdominal cavity, which can also play a role in relieving pressure quickly.

3. Muscle relaxation

Muscle relaxation is the main way to relieve stress. First, lie down on the chair or bed, and gradually relax every muscle of the body according to the music rhythm. For example, first relax the forehead, make the forehead stretch, and the muscles are not tense. Then relax the neck muscles, and let the head completely rely on the chair or pillow for support. The neck cannot use a little force. In this way, most of the muscles of the body can be relaxed continuously, and finally the decompression effect can be achieved.

4. Cry if you want

Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress. Psychologists have measured blood pressure in some adults. As a result, 87% of people with normal blood pressure say they cry occasionally, while most of those with high blood pressure say they never cry. It seems that it is much more beneficial to express emotions than to bury them in the heart.

5. Embrace the big tree

In some parks in Australia, we see many people hugging trees every morning. This is a way for them to relieve their psychological stress. It is said that hugging the tree can release the happiness hormone in the body and make people feel refreshed.

6. Watching horror movies

Experts in the UK suggest that people feel pressure at work because of their sense of responsibility. What they need at this time is encouragement and energy. So instead of using relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it's better to motivate yourself to face stressful situations, such as watching a horror movie. (of course, this method is not suitable for everyone. It depends on your own situation.)

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