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9 Foods To Prevent Constipation

Nowadays, the accelerated pace of life has led to many people's irregular diet and rest, which has caused certain harm to the body. Many people start constipating. Constipation can cause acne on the face and imbalance of the body's endocrine system. So the impact on the body is great. You think how terrible it is that the food we eat is piled up in our bodies every day. Today, we have nine kinds of food, which can effectively prevent constipation.

1. Vegetables, coarse grains and other foods rich in dietary fiber

There are two kinds of dietary fiber in food: water-soluble and insoluble. The former can soften feces, increase the number of intestinal probiotics, adjust the micro ecological balance in human body; the latter can absorb water and expand in the intestinal tract, stimulate the intestinal wall, accelerate the intestinal peristalsis and absorb harmful substances, and discharge them out of the body.

The foods rich in these two dietary fibers include various coarse grains and miscellaneous beans, such as brown rice, red beans, green beans, kidney beans, etc., fungus and algae foods, such as agaric, kelp, Tricholoma, etc., as well as various fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, burdock, apples, etc.

2. Oranges and other foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C in the intestine is one of the foods of Lactobacillus, which can increase the number of probiotics and prevent constipation indirectly. The food rich in vitamin C includes fresh jujube, orange and green leafy vegetables.

3. Carrots and other foods rich in carotene

Because the living environment of modern people is polluted by air, a large number of harmful toxins are inhaled by breathing. When these toxic substances enter the human body with food, they are more likely to produce free radicals. Free radicals attack proteins, nucleic acids and fats, causing them to be injured or cause disease. Foods rich in auxin can eliminate free radicals, such as laver, melon, carrot, orange, sweet potato, persimmon, papaya, cabbage, orange, liver, milk, egg yolk or fish.

4. Selenium rich foods such as fungi

Regular consumption of fungus rich in selenium, such as Auricularia auricula, tremella, Flammulina velutipes, Hericium erinaceus and Lentinus edodes, can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, improve the immune system function, and increase the role of immunoglobulin in the body. Activate digestion and successfully decompose what is not digested.

5. Food rich in plant lactic acid bacteria

Lactobacillus can adjust the intestinal environment and eliminate constipation. But lactobacillus can be divided into animal and plant, which can prevent constipation. Because the latter is more acid resistant than the former, it can reach the intestinal tract and play a role, and the survival rate of the latter in the intestinal tract is 10 times of the former.

6. Kelp and other iodine rich foods

Kelp has a high iodine content, which has the functions of preventing and treating goiter, reducing blood pressure and fat, improving immunity, delaying aging and so on. Kelp also contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and food fiber, which can quickly remove the excess cholesterol on the vascular wall. And kelp helps the secretion of gastric juice to achieve the purpose of digestion. It is very helpful for gastrointestinal peristalsis. Eating kelp often can not only meet the needs of human nutrition, but also achieve the purpose of slimming.

7. Sesame, almond and other magnesium rich foods

According to a joint study by the National Institute of health and nutrition of Japan and the University of women's nutrition, people with low magnesium intake are prone to constipation. Magnesium can relieve diarrhea and soften feces, and appropriate intake is helpful for defecation. Magnesium rich foods include peanuts, brown rice, walnuts, bananas, etc.

8. Asparagus, onion and other oligosaccharide rich foods

Oligosaccharide, also known as oligosaccharide, is a kind of carbohydrate with relatively low degree of polymerization. It is found that oligosaccharides can increase the content of bifidobacteria in human milk and help regulate the intestinal environment. The foods rich in oligosaccharides include garlic, coffee, corn, honey, various bean products, etc.

9. Olive oil, sunflower seed oil and other foods rich in oleic acid

Oleic acid has the function of emulsification, which can soften the feces and promote defecation. The foods rich in oleic acid include sesame, peanut, almond, walnut and other nuts.

Constipation is a very painful thing. The body is full of metabolic garbage. If you can't get rid of it, your body will naturally change. Therefore, if you are busy at ordinary times, you should never mess up your daily routine. You should pay more attention to your diet. Eating more of these foods brought to you is very effective to prevent constipation. There is also sleep, which must be regular. Sleep is an essential thing to replenish vitality. Therefore, we should relax more and form a good life.

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