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How About Skipping Rope To Lose Weight?

There are many ways to lose weight through exercise. You can choose your own way of exercise. It's better to have someone to guide you to lose weight through high-intensity exercise. You can't be brave in the process of exercise. You can only get satisfactory results according to your actual ability.

A friend who is not very fat wants to keep his body shape, or some friends who are slightly fat. They don't need the guidance of a special person to lose weight, so they can lose weight. Today, we recommend a sport that you can lose weight if you insist on doing it, that is, rope skipping.

Rope skipping must have been participated in in in our youth. It's a very pleasant and happy sport, but there are few sports after work, and there are few rope skipping. If you want to lose weight now, please find back your childhood memory quickly, buy a strong rope skipping, and then prepare sports clothes to enter the weight-loss sport.

Key points of weight loss in rope skipping:

  1. Choose the best time. Skipping weight loss must choose the right time, choose the right time to get better results. Remember that skipping before and after meals is not suitable. If skipping before meals, it will affect the absorption of gastrointestinal function. If skipping immediately after meals, it will easily lead to gastroptosis or appendicitis. Therefore, the best choice for rope skipping is in the morning, or in the afternoon and in the evening. In a word, we must avoid the time before and after meals.
  2. Choose the right length. How to choose the length? People can stand on the rope, and then lift both ends of the rope, both ends exceed their shoulders, indicating that the length is appropriate, because if the length is not appropriate, there may be tripping in the process of rope skipping, which is very dangerous. If the length is too long, it will lead to excessive arm fatigue, and it is difficult to keep skipping for a long time.
  3. Be sure to warm up before skipping. Rope skipping is a step-by-step exercise, but the amount of exercise will be more and more. Therefore, before rope skipping, warm-up exercise should be done to avoid some discomfort in the process of exercise. Before exercise, you should move your wrists, wrists and ankles. You can also relax your head and shoulders to relax your muscles. When you feel hot all over, you can start skipping. In this way, you can avoid some accidental injuries.
  4. Do relaxation activities after skipping. After skipping, you will feel tired and hot, and especially want to drink water. However, at this time, you should not drink water immediately, especially ice water. You should do some relaxation activities, and you can do some leg stretching actions, which can reduce leg pain.
  5. Hold on long enough. Skipping weight loss exercise must be done in time. Each skipping time is at least more than 15 minutes. The energy consumed by skipping 15 minutes is equivalent to the energy consumed by jogging for half an hour. Therefore, the effect of skipping weight loss is very significant.

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