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How To Prevent Acne Effectively?

Adolescence is a necessary process for everyone. The most embarrassing thing many people encounter during adolescence is acne. At this time, many people like to know how to squeeze acne without experience, which leads to acne inflammation and marks on the face.

There are also people at this time can not distinguish the quality of skin care products, on the random misuse, which will not lead to the improvement of acne, will only become more and more serious. In order to avoid acne in adolescence, today we will teach you several ways to prevent it.

Don't use drugs blindly

People with acne generally make a mistake, that is, blind use of acne products after finding acne. You should know that the wrong way not only can't get rid of acne, but will hurt the skin. Make acne worse.

Maintain personal hygiene

Bad personal hygiene may be the reason for the long-term existence of acne. Always keep the habit of combing your hair behind your ears and not leaving any bangs, so as to prevent the dust and oil on your hair from worsening and infecting acne.

Keep the habit of changing and washing pillows frequently

Pillowcases and sheets are the places where dead cells, mites, dust, dandruff and other dirty things are most likely to accumulate. Moreover, sleeping for a long time can contact the face skin, which is more likely to cause bacteria to grow and multiply. So the daily change of pillow towel is often acne people should pay attention to.

Avoid spray of hair gel and styling solution on face

Once the fixative ingredients in hair gel and setting solution are sprayed on the skin, it is easy to block the pores, and the grease and dirt are not easy to clean. In addition, daily shampoo and hair cleaning can also improve acne and prevent infection.

Pay attention to the ingredients of cosmetics

Friends with acne, sometimes moderate in some foundation, can have a considerable degree of "Concealer" beautification effect, but when choosing foundation and lipstick, avoid oil soluble products, so as not to exacerbate acne.

Take sun protection measures

Once the ultraviolet ray in the sun penetrates the epidermis through the acne wound, it will form black spots like ice chisel in the wound. Even after the acne disappears, it will still leave burn marks like black spots. So people with acne in spring, summer, autumn and winter should pay attention to sunscreen!

Use skin care products with oil control and fat purification functions

When choosing skin care products, choose skin care products that can effectively control oil and clear fat. These skin care products can control the secretion function of sebaceous glands, and "absorb oil" on the skin surface, transform the oil, shrink the pores at the same time, and reduce the oil secretion.

Wait patiently when acne is inflamed

It's really not easy to control yourself without squeezing acne. You can buy a youthful gel with strong anti-inflammatory and smallpox function. When acne is not present or has been issued, use a cotton swab to rub the youth gel on acne. In this way, it can help to dry acne and accelerate the end of its life. But please note: Youth gel can only be on acne, do not put the whole piece on the face, so as not to overstimulate the skin without inflammation, but cause redness and swelling.

Eat healthy

If you want to reduce acne, you should take more vegetables and fruits with more vitamins, and ensure adequate sleep and normal eating habits. Especially for those who like spicy and greasy food, it's the right choice to quit when necessary.

A happy mood is a good cure for acne

Don't think you are the only one with acne. Remember, acne proves that you are still young. As long as you deal with it correctly and don't let it interfere with your mood, you will find that acne is not such a worry.

Adolescence is a good process, acne is a good mark left by our adolescence. Don't think it's terrible, annoying, treat it in the right way, it will disappear naturally. Usually pay attention to health, do not use skin care products, do not touch with your hands, we must pay attention to the laws of diet, and the joy of the mood. These marks of youth will gradually disappear.

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