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How To Prevent Cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis is a kind of chronic liver disease. The necrosis of liver cells and the nodular regeneration of remaining liver cells can easily lead to the destruction of the structure of liver lobules and the formation of liver cirrhosis.

Many hepatitis B patients in the early onset of liver cirrhosis, it is difficult to find, liver cirrhosis occurs, there is no obvious change in the body, if not detected early, it is easy to make liver cirrhosis to develop to the late stage. How to prevent cirrhosis?

Liver is an organ for detoxification and detoxification. To prevent cirrhosis, we should learn to protect liver cells and relieve pressure on liver

  1. Less drinking and less smoking: the country points out that smoking and drinking are the top causes of cancer. Smoking and drinking are very harmful to the liver. Try to avoid smoking and drinking for a long time.
  2. Active treatment of liver disease: liver inflammation, do not pay attention to daily treatment, it is easy to further form liver cirrhosis, especially in patients with hepatitis B, it is recommended to carry out regular liver function examination, and timely treatment after diagnosis of liver disease.
  3. Moderate drug taking: many people take health care drugs to help maintain the liver. In medicine, it is believed that excessive drug taking can easily increase the pressure on the liver. The drug taking should be moderate. People with liver disease should follow the doctor's advice to take drugs.
  4. Eat less spicy food: the liver is afraid of spicy food, often eating it will lead to a strong liver fire, which is not conducive to nourishing the liver.

How does hepatitis B patient check oneself early?

Patients diagnosed with hepatitis B are advised to pay more attention to the physical symptoms at ordinary times. If there are spider nevus, yellow skin and eyes, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, ascites, tooth bleeding, gray and dark complexion, they should go to the hospital in time for screening.

What items should hepatitis B patients check?

In the screening of hepatitis B patients, in addition to basic examination, blood routine examination should also be carried out to check whether platelets and leukocytes are reduced; liver function, serum, prothrombin time, abdominal liver color Doppler, liver CT and other examination items should be carried out.

After the occurrence of cirrhosis, it is easy to bring many complications, such as infection hepatitis, primary liver cancer and so on. Therefore, prevention of cirrhosis should pay more attention to the symptoms of the body in daily life.

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