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How To Prevent Food Allergy?

It is reported that allergic disease is a common chronic disease, mainly due to the abnormal immune response caused by allergen stimulation. The incidence of allergic diseases is very high, which is related to diet and living habits. Among them, kissing and exercise can induce food allergy. The human body takes in most of the food every day. Improper diet can easily cause food allergy. Is the risk of food allergy the same among different people? What are the factors related to food allergy?

Food allergy rate of infants is higher than that of adults

It is understood that the probability of food allergy of infants is higher than that of adults, which is mainly due to the fact that the immune system development of infants is not very mature, but the allergic process of me refers to that the ingested food enters the body and stimulates lymphocytes to produce antibodies, react with specific lymphocytes, and damage human tissues and organs in combination. Common allergens are peanuts, milk, fish, shrimp and so on. As you get older, the risk of allergies may gradually decrease.

Kissing and exercise can induce food allergy

According to the study, some allergic patients have a rare situation in clinic. A woman has an allergic reaction after kissing her boyfriend, which is called inhalation allergy. Some patients are allergic to the air from hot milk. In addition, there are some people who don't have allergies when they eat food. After eating and exercising, they will have allergic reactions.

Different processing methods affect food sensitization

As an allergen contained in food, it can only cause allergy after contact with people. According to the food Professor, different processing methods and gastrointestinal digestion will change the structure of the allergen, and then affect its sensitization.

How to prevent food allergy?

As the allergen will not react if it is not broken down, it should be kept away from the allergen as far as possible in the infant stage. When taking in protein during pregnancy, we should consider whether the fetus is allergic. In addition to protein, there are fat, water, sugar, starch and other components in the food. In the process of processing, various components will interact with protein, so as to reduce the risk Allergic.

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