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How To Prevent Frequent Insomnia?

Due to the increase of work pressure, many people often have insomnia symptoms, often insomnia is easy to affect metabolism, at the same time, it is easy to accelerate skin aging, research shows that long-term sleep is easy to improve mortality. Insomnia for a long time will lead to neurasthenia, low spirits, long-term impact will lead to the occurrence of depression. How to prevent frequent insomnia? Here are some common methods.

Keep the bedroom environment

The bedroom should be quiet and dark, because darkness can make the brain produce a kind of biological activity, which can effectively promote sleep hormone. Try to choose heavy curtains to block fans, light and machine noise. Lower the room temperature, which is conducive to sleep. At the same time, adjust the room temperature to 26 ℃. In order to maintain the air circulation, you should open a window. If you feel that the room is too dry, you can buy a humidifier. The water of the humidifier should be changed frequently to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Adjust the fixed biological clock

Good sleep habits will prompt when it's time to go to bed. Every day before you go to bed, you can spend a few minutes meditating, reading, stretching. It is very important to go to bed and get up regularly, no matter on weekends or at work.

Use the bed as a place to sleep

Some people will always lie in bed reading, knitting, watching TV or eating, which are bad habits. If only the bed and sleep are linked, then people just want to go to sleep as soon as they get into bed.

Take care of your mouth

If you are too full or hungry before you go to sleep, it will affect the quality of sleep. Do not eat a lot of things when you are about to go to sleep, or it will cause insomnia in the process of digestion. In addition, if you eat too much, if you lie in bed, you will also have nausea, which will flow into the esophagus. When you feel very hungry, you can eat some snacks rich in carbohydrates, which can release a large number of chemicals, serotonin, so that muscles can relax. You can also eat more biscuits or drink a bowl of oatmeal, a glass of milk or a piece of Turkey, which contain tryptophan and arginine, which has a certain hypnotic effect.

Watch out for caffeine

If you eat too much coffee, it will lead to poor sleep, especially after the age of 50, the digestive system will gradually become worse and worse, and caffeine will stay in the body longer, even for ten hours. So we should control the amount of coffee and strong tea in one day within two cups, and drink at least six hours before going to bed to reduce the intake of caffeine.

Reasonable arrangement of diet, work and rest time

It's better to eat light food. Try to eat early. After dinner, you can eat some fruits in proper amount, but you should pay attention to controlling blood sugar and fat content.

It's not too late to watch TV at night

Do not watch TV too late at night, or even fall asleep on the sofa, which may affect sleep, leading to insomnia.

Take a hot bath before going to bed

This will make the whole body in a relaxed state, the best way to bubble feet, promote nerve relaxation, let people sleep quickly.

Take a nap

Take a nap when you feel tired in the daytime. Although it won't take a long time, it will help to recover energy and improve sleep quality.

Take part in more sports and group activities

Through sports and collective activities, we can reduce bad mood to the lowest level, create a good sleep environment, and calm the mind, then sleep safely.

Pay attention to exercise at ordinary times

If you are healthy, your spirit will be happy, which will help you to have a good sleep at night.

Don't form dependence on drugs

Even if often insomnia, do not often take sleeping pills, should find out the reasons for their insomnia.

Pay attention to physical diseases

Diseases may also cause insomnia, and should be treated as soon as possible.

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