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How To Reduce Fat Correctly In Gym

What's the most effective exercise to reduce fat in the gym? Aerobic exercise is very boring. Many people insist on it soon. You can spend a little time burning a lot of calories. Of course, you choose the right aerobic equipment, so don't hesitate to use the equipment you are used to.

Warm up

If you want to lose weight in the gym, you need to warm up accordingly. You can use the treadmill first. Set the speed of the treadmill according to your physical condition, such as height and weight. Generally speaking, it should be set between 6.5 and 7. Then you can choose to run for more than ten minutes and walk for a few minutes to use the treadmill. Of course, you can also increase the specific time according to your physical fitness.

Select these aerobic devices

  • Treadmill - unlike other aerobic devices, this makes your whole body move, and it's super simple to use. Just press the start button, and adjust the speed and level of the button head, even if you can walk fast on the climbing function. In order to make the most of your time, you can unplug your headphones and turn off the TV. Do some serious training, such as running and walking.
  • Stair machine - if you personally don't like running, the stair machine may be an alternative. Simulating the scene of climbing stairs, the stair machine can improve the heart rate and exercise intensity in a short time, and more emphasis on the activities of the muscles behind the legs and buttocks, which is a good way for people who have been sitting for a long time! Even some people will make training changes on the stair plane, such as stride walking, small running and sprint, adding the elements of HIIT, making stair plane training much more interesting. Of course, if you can develop the habit of taking more stairs and less elevators, it's even better!
  • Aerobic bicycle - for this kind of sports equipment like "crossing" from the 1980s, if we want to score the shape, we have to give an F (fail), but its energy consumption efficiency is definitely a + level. The harder you step on it, the greater the air resistance.

Aerobic exercise

After running, you can do the following aerobic exercise. Doing this exercise can make you complete the breathing process more smoothly. Generally speaking, you can use fitness vehicles, mountaineers and other fitness equipment. If you are at home, you can do aerobics, jump, or ride a bicycle. You can do the following sit ups after finishing. You can choose the number of groups according to your own situation. After finishing a group, you can rest for a minute and do it once, but you should pay attention to the standard of action.

Strength training

This strength training should be accompanied by the coach. Generally speaking, use the equipment according to the coach's advice. Generally speaking, we need to continue training equipment and training methods according to the body weight. Specifically, we need to follow the coach's advice according to your own situation.

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