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How To Start A Weight Loss Training For Fitness Beginners

The appropriate intensity of exercise must be suitable for yourself. You should choose middle and low intensity exercise instead of some high intensity vigorous exercise. Exercise is too intense, in fact, most of the consumption is sugar and water, and exercise is easy to produce hunger, thirst and hunger, it is easy to increase the amount of food, can not achieve the effect of weight loss. Therefore, we should choose some exercises with heart rate less than 150 times / second, and the greater the amount of exercise, the more obvious the effect.

Exercise time exercise time is about 30 minutes, the longest time is not more than 60 minutes. Exercise should not be carried out immediately after meals or on an empty stomach, which is not good for your health and does not pay off. 2、 Some sports are recommended. 1. Running is the simplest sport. Everyone can do it. It's better to exercise outdoors because there is enough oxygen outside. Before running, you should do a good warm-up action, wear sports shoes and sportswear to start, 30 minutes or so is more appropriate. It's better to find someone to work with, so it's not too monotonous, and it can last for a long time.

Rope skipping is also a simple sport, everyone can, as long as a rope skipping and a space can start. Can reduce weight in a short period of time, exercise is monotonous, the most important thing is to insist! Do not wear shoes with hard soles and exercise on hard ground, easy to cause damage.

You may not have time to exercise every day, but you can also lose weight by making full use of some daily behaviors, such as climbing stairs. Usually when you can walk stairs, try to use less elevators. When exercising, you can stand on tiptoe and take more stairs to strengthen the muscles in your calves, which is also a good way for many white-collar workers to lose weight.

Swimming is a whole-body exercise, which can improve cardiopulmonary function, consume a lot of heat, and water has a good cosmetic effect on the skin, but it is a little difficult to learn. In addition, it's better to swim in a safe place, such as by the river, and it's better to be accompanied.

Cycling is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also to exercise. Cycling is good for leg movement. It's easy to learn and interesting. It's especially suitable for young people. Of course, there are many sports, such as mountain climbing, cycling, yoga, dancing, billiards. You can choose according to your own interests and conditions. While losing weight, you can cultivate your hobbies and good living habits!

During this period, at least 4 days of training can be guaranteed in a week. You can take one day off from training, or one day off from two days, or at least three days off. Strength training for about 20 minutes is mainly used to learn and master the essentials and parts of each strength training action. Aerobic training 40-60 minutes or so, half way too tired can rest 1-2 times, each time no more than 1 minute. It can be a treadmill, a spinning bike or a gym.

Eat 4-6 meals a day. Don't be too full. Try to be 8-9 points full. Try to list, less salt, less oil, the main food uses slow-release carbohydrates, fruit can partially replace the main food, because fruit also contains a certain amount of carbohydrates. BCAA and whey protein can be used before and after training to prevent muscle decomposition caused by long-term exercise and promote muscle synthesis after training. If you can't afford it, use whey protein powder. Drink 20g before training and 30g after training to order bananas and oats. Not only for the next training before the storage of more energy, but also the maximum retention of muscle.  

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