Lose Weight

The Fastest And Most Effective Way For Men To Lose Weight

American weight-loss experts have found that people who usually diet to lose weight will rebound in different degrees in 2-3 years or less. They divided these rebounds into three areas: the green area refers to the rebound below 5kg, the yellow area refers to the rebound between 5kg and 10kg, and the rebound over 10kg is classified as the red area.

Therefore, it also requires a lot of perseverance for men to lose weight. In addition to a balanced diet, constant exercise and fitness are also essential. At the same time, the use of auxiliary thin will make the effect of exercise and fitness multiply, and better control their weight.

1. Balanced nutrition

The standard nutritional balance for men to lose weight is: starch, sugar food 60%, fat food 25%, protein food 15%. It's ideal to eat 8 points full every meal, and ensure to eat enough vegetables and fruits. It's better to match 1 vegetable and fruit per meal. It is more important to reduce the intake of high calorie food. For each meal, first eat vegetables, and then eat other foods after about 3 points of satiety. Try not to eat meat.

2. Change working habits

Many office workers report that they are busy at work and can't exercise on time at all. In fact, all sports need to rely on self-consciousness, as long as you know how to use the gap, you can exercise anytime, anywhere. For example, when the computer is turned on, you can get up and move, walk to pour a cup of water, which is also called exercise, or wait for the elevator, wait for the bus, etc. the subway can also walk in place.

As long as the body keeps active, it can burn calories. It is suggested that men should not drive to and from work every day, sometimes walk to take the bus, or climb the stairs to the destination when going to and from work, which can help you consume the excess fat left in the body the night before.

3. Work and rest in normal life

Staying up late often can affect metabolic disorders, and those who sleep less than seven hours a day are more likely to be obese. Some studies have pointed out that lack of sleep may cause the body to secrete more "hunger hormones", which may lead to obesity. So don't stay up late is the key.

If you can finish your work earlier, you should finish it earlier. Must not have, must stay up late to work, absolutely must restrain the food quantity, does not want to be upset for a while irascible, eats the trash food, the weight often can increase as a result.

4. Develop exercise habits

Work first men, don't let work erode your health, especially married men, often because of the dual pressure of family and work, give up their favorite leisure sports. There's a magic way to solve this. Now many school activity centers are open for rent on holidays. You can invite friends and families to meet for sports. It takes two hours a week. It can not only communicate, but also cultivate family feelings.

5. Know how to release pressure

Every job has a certain amount of pressure. When young workers enter the workplace, they need to find their own outlet and find ways to relieve the pressure, such as vacation, sports and listening to music, which are all feasible methods. The key is not to let the work pressure accumulate day by day, and eventually cause physical burden.

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