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We Should Cultivate These 10 Healthy Habits At The Age Of 60

When I was 60, I was almost at the age of retirement. My spare time became more and more, and I had to step into the old life. The health of the elderly has always been the focus of attention. At the age of 60, we should cultivate these 10 healthy habits to prepare for the elderly life.

1. Buy a pair of comfortable sneakers

Health lies in sports, and sports cannot be separated from shoes. A pair of comfortable sports shoes can make sports achieve better results. Old friends can start with walking. It's better to buy a pair of sneakers designed for walking before exercising. Usually you can put your sneakers at your door to remind yourself to exercise regularly.

2. Exercise balance ability to avoid falling

In addition to disease factors, the ability of balance is also one aspect. The best way to avoid falls is to keep a good sense of balance.

3. Nutritious breakfast

When working, the morning time is tight. Many people often make do with breakfast. When they have enough time after retirement, they have time to prepare breakfast well. It is suggested to increase the proportion of fresh fruits, or to drink vegetable juice by yourself, so as to increase the intake of vitamins, minerals and food fiber. Breakfast should also increase protein intake, can be in milk, soymilk, plant milk to add protein powder. At ordinary times, we should strictly control the intake of salt, sugar and fat, eat less dessert, and use sugar free soda water instead of sweet carbonated drinks.

4. Practice meditation and learn to reduce stress

There are all kinds of pressures in life. The middle-aged and old people should not reduce their stress by overeating, smoking, drinking and other unhealthy ways of life. They should find their own healthy decompression method.

5. Resistance training and muscle training

Often carry out resistance training, such as strength training through self weight, barbell, dumbbell, combined equipment, etc., which is helpful to increase muscle strength and enhance physical fitness.

6. Do more ground contact exercises

It is suggested that the elderly often do "kneeling - sitting - standing" exercises on the floor, which can improve the muscle strength and joint flexibility of the legs.

7. Improve cardiopulmonary function

British research has found that players in badminton, table tennis, tennis and other racket sports have the longest life expectancy, because these sports can comprehensively enhance the body's cardiopulmonary tolerance, strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, balance, sensitivity and so on. At the same time, the sport of holding a picture also has strong social function and strong interest, which makes it easier for people to stick to sports for a long time.

8. Keep confident

"When facing setbacks, people should believe in themselves." This is the feeling of 71 year old writer Sharon Cutler after receiving psychotherapy. "People also prefer to surround themselves with confident people," she said

9. Set and achieve goals

Make a plan that is meaningful to you and achieve your goals.

10. Constantly improve yourself

As the saying goes, we should pay attention to self-improvement even when we are about to enter the old age.

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