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What Are The Effective Ways To Reduce Fat

Many people in the process of reducing fat usually subconsciously use diet to reduce their body fat. However, by making ourselves thinner in this way, 60% of the weight we lose is muscle, while only 40% is fat.

Therefore, if you want to reduce fat by dieting, it is not suitable for those who want to maintain muscle mass. Besides the reduction of muscle mass, our excessive diet will greatly affect our health. In the process of reducing fat, we should not advocate dieting. If we want to avoid muscle loss in the process of fat reduction, let's learn these four methods. They can help you to reduce fat while maintaining the muscle volume of your body most effectively.

1. Take in enough protein

In the process of body building and fat reduction, if we want to maximize our muscle mass, we must take in enough protein, so as to maintain the energy supply and repair of your muscles, so that they will not be reduced. So how do we eat protein during the period of fat reduction? We can't eat it like we did when we increased muscle. Our protein intake should also be controlled appropriately. If we eat too much, they will also turn into fat, which will increase your body fat.

Therefore, we suggest that the protein intake during the fat loss period should be controlled at 1g protein per pound. If you are on a weight training day, you can use a little more. On the contrary, if you are on a rest day, your protein intake should be reduced accordingly.

2. Eat low-fat food

The choice of food is crucial during our fat loss. If you eat high calorie food at will when you lose fat, just like when you increase muscle, your fat reduction training is in vain. During the period of fat reduction, we should change our diet plan, strictly treat the choice of food, and take low-fat and fresh food as the main ingredients. Low fat foods account for 20% of the total daily intake.

3. Reduce carbon and water intake as much as possible

In the process of reducing fat, we should try our best to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Don't let the proportion of carbon water account for too much in our diet. When you take too much carbon water, they will also turn into fat in the body, which will make your body fat rise. Therefore, we should not take too much carbon water in addition to ensuring our own basic intake needs. Don't think that you can eat more when its fat content is low, which will only improve your body fat.

4. Aerobic training 4-5 times a week

In addition to the necessary strength training, we also need to increase our muscles 4-5 times a week during the period of fat loss. The training time of each time is controlled at 45-60 minutes. Aerobic training is a powerful tool to reduce fat. Through the combination of strength and aerobic exercise, we can keep our body's muscle mass and effectively reduce body fat. Here we should remind you that at the beginning of aerobic exercise, we should control the amount of training and not train too hard at once. We can buffer a little and let ourselves gradually enter the sports state, so as to avoid the occurrence of over training.

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