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What Are The Ways To Improve Children's Immunity?

Some babies have poor immunity. They get sick when they can't move. They let their parents take them to the hospital for three days and two days. They eat a lot of supplements, but still don't see any effect. In fact, if you want to improve your baby's immunity, the best way is to use the following 7 methods!

1. Vaccinate on time

Many parents hold a rejection attitude towards the vaccine and think it doesn't matter whether the baby is beaten or not. But for disease, the best way is prevention. Generally speaking, vaccine is to promote the body to produce a natural defense system to enhance the resistance to prevent virus invasion, so that the baby less sick, so timely injection of vaccine is very important to improve immunity.

2. More contact with natural environment

Children who grow up in their hometown like to go out to play. Three or five little friends climb trees and fall into mud together, which makes their bodies dirty, but they seldom get sick. Children who grow up in the city are always locked at home by their parents, who dislike the dirty and disorderly outside, but they like to get sick most. Because children's resistance is enhanced in a time of exercise, if the lack of external bacteria stimulation, immunity can not be exercised, will not be conducive to the maturity of the immune system. So in the case of ensuring safety, let children go out to play more!

3. Get enough sleep

If adults do not have a good rest and sleep, they will cause a series of health problems, not to mention children. Enough sleep can rest the organs in the body, so as to avoid excessive fatigue and give bacteria opportunities. Parents should train their children to work and rest regularly to avoid staying up late.

4. Drink more breast milk

Breast milk contains a large number of immunoglobulins and antibodies, which can effectively improve the immunity of the baby's body, and have a great help in resisting viruses and bacteria. Therefore, if conditions permit, we should continue to breastfeed our children until they are at least one year old. Parents usually touch their baby more, promote the blood circulation ability of the baby, improve the digestion ability of the baby, and prevent the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases.

5. Proper contact with pathogens

Our body has an immune system, when the body contacts pathogens, it will stimulate the immune system to react, thus eliminating pathogens, which will improve the resistance of the child's body. Proper contact with pathogens is still beneficial, which can help children build and improve their immune system. When the body's immune system is strong enough, children will not be troubled by various diseases, and the probability of getting the same diseases will be much smaller. The methods of contact with pathogens include external contact and vaccination. No matter which method is used, first ensure the health and safety of children.

6. Balanced nutrition, not partial diet

The biggest reason why many children are prone to get sick is that they only eat meat and all kinds of junk food for a long time, which is easy to cause the decline of body resistance and disease will invade the body. Therefore, parents should start from the diet, and make nutritious and balanced food for their children every meal, which can not only make their children develop healthily, but also improve their children's immunity. You can choose some foods with bagasse polysaccharide, which can promote the digestion of children's intestines and stomach, and greatly help to enhance intestinal immunity. After the stomach and intestines are healthy, children's absorption of nutrition will be better and their bodies will be stronger.

7. Often take part in physical exercises

Exercise can enhance the physical quality and enhance the physique of children, especially outdoor sports, which can improve the development of children's bones and muscles, the secretion of lymphoid hormone will be faster, and the immunity will also be improved. But exercise to pay attention to, not too much, and to have parents accompany, in order to avoid accidents.

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