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What To Eat Before Going To Bed Can Improve The Quality Of Sleep?

Many people who suffer from insomnia often suffer from insomnia, which affects the overall mental state. Long term insomnia is very harmful. Low quality sleep belongs to garbage sleep. Even if the body is sleeping, the brain and muscles are still in a state of tension, which is easy to affect the health of the body for a long time.

Research shows that the mortality rate of people with poor sleep quality is much higher than that of people with high sleep quality. Often insomnia person, what to eat before bedtime can improve Morpheus quality? Sleepless people need to know.

1. Banana

There are many nutrients in banana, such as serotonin, magnesium and so on. It is known as the sleeping pill wrapped with fruit skin, which shows how effective it is in promoting sleep quality. If you or your family are suffering from insomnia, you may as well eat more bananas. After all, bananas are not medicine, and there will be no side effects.

2. Warm milk

It's a non-ferrous acid in milk. It's calming, so you can fall asleep quickly. But when we choose to use milk to promote sleep, we should put milk in water to heat, so as to achieve the ideal sleep effect. In addition, drinking yoghurt before sleep also has a good sleep promoting effect, and yoghurt also has the effect of promoting digestion, so drinking yoghurt before sleep does not need to worry about gaining weight.

3. Almond

Almonds contain a lot of protein, vitamins and trace elements such as magnesium. Maybe you don't know that magnesium is a good muscle relaxant. Eating a little almond from time to time can effectively improve anxiety and sleep quality. In addition, eating more almonds will help to get rid of the garbage in the intestines.

4. Honey

Sugary foods such as desserts can help to boost people's excitability, but a little glucose can make the brain secrete neurotransmitters, making people sleep easily. So, add a few drops of honey to milk, sleeping effect is better.

5. Potatoes

Small baked potatoes not only do not burden the gastrointestinal tract, but also clean up the harmful substances that affect sleep. If warm milk and potatoes are mixed together to make mashed potatoes, the effect is better.

6. Vinegar

If a person's spirit is tense for a long time, the body will secrete a lot of lactic acid, which makes people feel extremely tired. Vinegar can not only effectively prevent the synthesis of lactic acid, but also make the formed lactic acid quickly oxidize, eliminate fatigue and make people fall asleep quickly.

Good sleep is the first condition for health. People who often suffer from insomnia can often eat these kinds of food before going to bed, which is helpful to prevent insomnia. In addition, soaking feet with Chinese medicine before going to bed can relieve the body pressure, help promote blood circulation, open up the body meridians and collaterals, especially for women. Soaking feet with warm water before going to bed until sweating slightly, it can also help dispel moisture, cool air, and prevent dysmenorrhea symptoms. Insomnia serious crowd had better be treated in time, ask the doctor to cooperate with some drugs for treatment.

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